Madeira Airport Transfers

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Town1-3 people4-8 people
Arco da Calheta49 €59 €
Boaventura50 €60 €
Cabo Girao29 €35 €
Calheta46 €55 €
Camacha24 €29 €
Camara de Lobos29 €35 €
Canico16 €19 €
Caniçal21 €25 €
Choupana22 €26 €
Eira do Serrado36 €43 €
Encumeada40 €48 €
Faial39 €47 €
Faja dos Padres29 €35 €
Faja da Ovelha55 €66 €
Funchal27 €32 €
Garajau16 €19 €
Jardim do Mar55 €66 €
Jardim da Serra39 €47 €
Machico16 €19 €
Madalena do Mar49 €59 €
Monte28 €34 €
Paul do Mar60 €72 €
Ponta do Sol41 €49 €
Ponta Delgada60 €72 €
Ponta do Pargo67 €80 €
Porto da Cruz32 €38 €
Porto Moniz67 €80 €
Prazeres55 €66 €
Quinta do Estreito29 €35 €
Quinta do Lorde20 €24 €
Ribeira Brava50 €60 €
Santa Cruz13 €16 €
Santana41 €49 €
Santo Antonio da Serra14 €17 €
Sao Jorge55 €66 €
Sao Vicente50 €60 €


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Madeira Airport Interesting Facts

Madeira Airport

Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport is an international airport in the parish of Santa Cruz, in the Portuguese archipelago and autonomous region of Madeira. The airport is 16 km away from the regional capital Funchal, after which it is also sometimes informally called.

It is also known as Madeira International Airport, Madeira Airport or even called Santa Catarina Airport because it was in this part of the city that landed the first airplane in an experimental flight in 1957.

It mostly hosts flights to and from the North of Europe, British Islands and domestic flights due to the importance of Madeira as a tourism destination. It connects to all portuguese airports in about 1h30 and to all main European airports in about 3 hours. The flights to Porto Santo Island are made in about 15 minutes.

It is the fourth busiest airport in Portugal, counting more than 3 million passengers in 2017 and the busiest of the archipelago.

Since 29 March 2017, the airport is named after the Madeiran football player Cristiano Ronaldo.


Extension and modernization

Madeira Airport was inaugurated on July 8, 1964. Until then, Madeira Island was only reached by boat. The runway had an original length of 1600m.

In 1973, a new terminal opened with the capacity to receive 500 thousand passengers per year, since the previous terminal was to small for the island’s tourists flow.

After the 1977 accident it was clear that an improvement of the runway was needed and the project began to be designed.

The first stage of the enlargement works added safety margins: between 1982 and 1986, the runway was extended from 1600 to 1800 meters and the aircraft parking platform was also increased.

Between 2000 and 2003, the runway was enlarged to 2781 meters, its current length.


The Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport is the largest work ever on this Island. Its runway has 2781 meters and it’s partially build out over the ocean, being a majestic engineering work that deserves to be appreciated.

It is supported by 180 pillars that constitute an engineering monument, each of them with a diameter of 3 meters and reaching a maximum height of 70 meters.

In 2001, this expansion structure was distinguished with the Secil Award, one of the most important architecture awards in Portugal.

For this work, the airport also won, in 2004, the Outstanding Structures Award, given by IABSE – International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering. This award is considered the Nobel of engineering structures, attributed as a way of recognizing structures that stand out for their innovation and creativity, also taking into consideration criteria such as sustainability and respect for the environment.

Interesting facts


It’s the second airport to be given a football player name. The first is the George Best Airport in Belfast, North Ireland. Formerly known as Belfast City Airport, in 2006 it became the George Best Belfast City Airport.

In 2016, it was announced that the airport would be renamed Madeira Airport – Cristiano Ronaldo (Aeroporto da Madeira – Cristiano Ronaldo) in honour of Madeira’s native football player Cristiano Ronaldo. The unveiling of the rebranded terminal took place on 29 March 2017, with a bust of him also being presented.

Neither the bust nor the name change were unanimous, actually far from a consensus, with the matter being subject to much debate and controversy locally by politicians and citizens who even started a petition against the change.

World’s most dangerous airports

Madeira Island is a must go place, but getting there by plane is a true adrenaline burst! With an unusually short runway, rocky hills on either side and extending into the ocean the airport is recognised by pilots as one of the most difficult to land in Europe, if not the world.

The airport is considered one of the most peculiarly perilous airports in the world due to its location and its spectacular runway construction. Pilots must even undergo additional training to land at the airport.

The airport location, between the sea and the big mountains makes it prone to very strong gusts of crosswinds and turbulence that destabilize the airplane during the take off and landing. When winds exceed acceptable margins, aircrafts either hold to wait for the winds to calm, or divert to refuel and try again.

Despite its unusual runway construction, Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport is a totally safe facility, and it was entirely modernised and renovated in 2016.

Madeira Island is a natural paradise with its high mountains surrounded by the ocean and its warm climate all year around and Madeira Airport is well prepared to receive everyone who wants to visit the Island.